How to Access the DTL

This page looks at three areas:

  • Training
  • Logging In
  • Your ID to Access the DTL


Click on this link to go to the video training section of this site.

The 4 tutorials below to understand how to use the digital library.
With these tutorials, you can get started on the majority of your work.
● Basic Search Training
● Advanced Search Training
● Introduction to Subject Guides
● Introduction to A-Z Databases

Logging In

While the DTL will allow you to immediately search and look at citation information, in order to access the material, one must be able to login. When you are ready to access the information, this screen will open up, requesting your school and Student ID.

ID to Access The DTL

In order to find out what your student ID number is, please look at your student ID card.

On the bottom of your card, you will see an ID#. To access the DTL, type into the DTL screen above the 6 numbers after the 3 Letter code (MDV for example)or after the 3 zeros (000). In this instance, it would be 123456. You will now have access to the resources you are looking for.